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Bring The Best To Your Game With Catering from Your Favorite Italian Restaurant in Rock Glen

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Bring The Best To Your Game With Catering from Your Favorite Italian Restaurant in Rock Glen

October 07, 2022 , POSTED BY Iachetti's Kitchen

It’s game season! As you plan your tailgate parties, make sure to include catering from your favorite Italian restaurant in Rock Glen, because you know your guests are bound to be hungry! Need some inspiration for your next game-day snacks? Try these ideas from Iachetti’s Kitchen!

Catering Ideas for Your Party

Iachetti’s Brick Oven has been catering for offices and other events for years—why not bring the deliciousness home with you for your next tailgate party? Our food is so good, almost anything works for a group, but we would suggest, at minimum, meatballs and flatbreads. They’re bite-sized and perfect for a crowd, and our flatbreads come in so many different varieties! Our mozzarella platter, oven roasted BBQ wings, and popcorn chicken and waffles are also a hit with guests of all ages. If you’re planning a big party, make sure to plan your catering order in advance!

The Ultimate: Bring a Chef!

Want the ultimate food at your next gathering? Bring a chef with your catering! That’s right, you can have a chef at your next event to prepare BBQ items like petite Kobe beef sliders, parsley cheese chicken sausage & peppers, sweet potato fritters, and espresso-rubbed sliced steak. Servers and bartenders are available for hire as well!

For Smaller Parties, Try Italian Restaurant Takeout and Delivery

If your next game watching party is going to be a small one, it may not make sense to get a large catering order. Or, if you hang out with the pickiest eaters in the world and nobody can agree on snacks, we’ve got you covered. Iachetti’s Italian restaurant has easy takeout and delivery options, which means that you and your crew can get exactly what you want. Our menu is huge, ranging from pizzas and burgers, to custom flatbreads, to pastas and finger foods.

Plan your game-watching extravaganza with food from Iachetti’s! Didn’t make catering plans? Don’t worry, just place a takeout order and we’ll have it ready soon!

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