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Brunch: The History, Current Trends, and Offerings At Your Favorite NJ Restaurants

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Brunch: The History, Current Trends, and Offerings At Your Favorite NJ Restaurants

November 07, 2021 , POSTED BY Contemporary Media Group, LLC

Brunch—the delightful combination of breakfast and lunch, served at a time that occurs typically in the middle of these things, and featuring the best of both worlds. Has this amazing, time-honored tradition always been a meal option? Keep reading to find out the history of brunch, the hottest trends in the brunch world, and where to find a delicious brunch near you!

History of Brunch

Nobody really knows where brunch got started! Was it a post-hunt tradition, sent down from medieval times and royal hunting parties? Did it spread from priests who enjoyed a mid-morning meal after their morning sermons? Is it something that NYC started just to make another meal—one where people ordered booze before noon? Nobody knows, but by the late 1800s, brunch had a firm place in pop culture. Since then, restaurants in NJ and across the world have embraced brunch.

Brunch Today

Regardless of its origins, brunch is a popular tradition today! Most common on Sundays and holidays, brunch is seen as a laid-back, easygoing meal that can spread out with friends and families for hours. A mix of breakfast and lunch foods are typically served, including bacon, eggs, French toast, sandwiches, sides, and so much more! This is often a place for fancy restaurants to bring out their finest delicacies. Breakfast cocktails are often a part of the event, with mimosas, tequila sunrises, and bellinis being popular options.

Brunch at Your Favorite NJ Restaurant

Does your favorite restaurant in NJ offer brunch? Many of the best do! After cancelling brunch during the pandemic, many of NJ’s best restaurants have re-started their brunch services, welcoming diners back to the delicious meals they once enjoyed on the regular.

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