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From Pancakes to Flatbreads, Enjoy Brunch in Glen Rock’s Best Italian Restaurant

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From Pancakes to Flatbreads, Enjoy Brunch in Glen Rock’s Best Italian Restaurant

April 15, 2023 , POSTED BY Iachetti's Kitchen
When you visit Glen Rock’s best Italian restaurants, you have so much to choose from. Whether you come for dinner, lunch, or brunch, you can count on some of the most innovative, fresh foods in the area. But our favorite meal is probably brunch! Keep reading to see why this mid-morning meal has remained a popular time for dining and socializing for years. Soup and Pancakes? Mix Your Way at Brunch! When you just can’t decide between fresh, fluffy, buttermilk pancakes and savory, smooth French onion soup, it’s time for brunch! This special meal that occurs somewhere between breakfast and dinner is the best time to combine sweet and salty, savory and light, and everything in-between. Or, aim for an “in-between” meal itself like one of our breakfast flatbreads, with eggs, bacon, tomatoes, and arugula, or one with smoked gouda, ricotta, and fig. No matter what you’re craving, it’s on the brunch menu! Try These Brunch Specialties from NJ’s Brick-Oven Restaurant In addition to our regular offerings, NJ’s brick-oven restaurant has a variety of brunch specialties you can’t get at other times. Our guests have been spicing it up with our Cajun chicken hash skillet, and for those who like something a little more breakfast-focused, our tomato, mozzarella, and spinach omelet is a popular choice. Of course, the classic brunch specials like waffles topped with berries, blueberry pancakes, and buttermilk chicken and waffles are always a hit! Mocktails and More from Your Favorite Italian Brunch Spot Unlike many brunch spots, Iachetti’s American Brick Oven Kitchen doesn’t feature bottomless cocktails—but we do offer a variety of mocktails, and are BYOB! We help you save money and make your own choices about whether to consume alcohol or not by offering our finest mixers and mocktails all day, including at brunch. Bring the champagne, we’ve got the orange juice! For good places to eat brunch, Iachetti’s should be your go-to choice! Outside of brunch hours, don’t forget to keep our Italian restaurant in Glen Rock in mind for all of your Italian cuisine, family dining, and catering needs.

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