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Here Are Three Things to Consider When Planning Office Catering in NJ

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Here Are Three Things to Consider When Planning Office Catering in NJ

December 08, 2022 , POSTED BY Iachetti's Kitchen
Are you planning an office party this holiday season? If so, hiring catering in NJ is a strong plan. It offers your loyal employees a reward for their dedicated service, and provides some energy for a productive work day. Our Italian restaurant in NJ has catered plenty of office parties, so here are three things that we recommend you consider while planning your next office party! Cater For Food Sensitivities and Dietary Needs When you cater an office party, keep the food sensitivities and dietary needs of your team at the top of your mind. Does your office staff prefer vegetarian or vegan food? Has one department committed to a Keto diet or something else? Make sure that your restaurant offers plenty of food for everyone, so your employees feel valued (and so they have something to eat!). Consider: Sit-Down Meal Vs Snacks For Your Catering Before ordering food for your office party, consider what kind of event it will be. Are you planning a full, sit-down meal for the team, or a mingling event where people are moving around a lot? While everyone loves a big, festive meal, not everyone wants to try to walk around with a fork and knife. If you know that your office party will be pretty much on the go, why not aim for office catering platters full of finger foods? Wraps, fruit and veggie trays, and other hand-held items are a great choice for socializing; full homestyle meals are better for seated events. Custom Catering For Your Team For the ultimate in catering, consider custom ordering for every member of your team. When you cater with the best restaurants in NJ, you can enjoy sandwiches, wraps, and so much more, made-to-order for each person. This is the best way to ensure that all of your employees get exactly what they want, and reduces waste in the office. For all of your workplace catering, game night snacks, and family holiday catering plans, keep Iachetti’s Brick Oven in mind! We bring the best of our restaurant right to you for an amazing party!

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