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Here’s How To Eat Healthier When You Visit Your Favorite Restaurant in NJ

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Here’s How To Eat Healthier When You Visit Your Favorite Restaurant in NJ

January 15, 2022 , POSTED BY Iachetti's Kitchen

Have the holidays packed a little weight onto your waist? When you visit your favorite restaurant in New Jersey this January, you may find yourself wanting to make some smarter decisions. But how can you eat healthier while still enjoying yourself? Check out these tips for healthier eating at restaurants.

Have a Zero-Calorie Beverage

With all the great food available at New Jersey’s best restaurants, why would you waste calories on sugary beverages? Skip the soda, sweet tea, and juice, and aim for something zero calorie. Water or seltzer water are naturally zero-cal, as is unsweetened tea. Diet drinks can help, but some evidence suggests that fake sugar has its own problems! For cocktails, focus on “rocks” drinks, classic martinis, and spiked seltzers, or skip the booze entirely for the best health!

Split Dessert

The heaviest part of your meal is often the last part—a delicious dessert! Many people say they just can’t give up dessert at their favorite NJ restaurant because it is just too good! But are all 20 bites of that dessert equally good, or could you get by with half? Splitting a dessert with a friend or two reduces your calorie intake, but allows you to indulge in that delicious dessert that you love.

Take Home Lunch For Tomorrow

Don’t think of extra food as “leftovers,” think of it as “lunch for tomorrow.” Most restaurants in New Jersey serve meals that have 2-3 times as much food as you need. Some serve your whole daily calorie allowance in one meal! While this translates to generous portions and great prices, you don’t save anything if you regret eating it all. Instead, purposefully choose a portion of your meal to box up for tomorrow.

Ready to enjoy your favorite New Jersey restaurant without the excess? Try these healthy tips from Iachetti’s restaurant next time you visit!

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