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Here’s Why Brick Ovens Are Usually Only Found in NJ’s Best Restaurants

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Here’s Why Brick Ovens Are Usually Only Found in NJ’s Best Restaurants

March 15, 2022 , POSTED BY Iachetti's Kitchen

Do you love the pizza at Iachetti’s Restaurant? Our secret is no secret—it’ so good because we have a brick oven that we use for our pizzas! Brick ovens are a staple at NJ’s best restaurants—keep reading to see why!

Brick Ovens at NJ’s Restaurants Get HOT

Brick ovens are pretty much what they sound like—an oven, made of brick. It’s so simple, it’s genius. Thick brick holds in heat while containing this heat, resulting in a brick oven that can get up to 800 degrees! This isn’t something you want to touch your hands to, but it’s how your favorite pizza restaurants in NJ cook the best crispy-crust pizzas.

Sustainable, Economical Brick Ovens

With all that heat, are you dooming the earth with each slice? Not when your NJ restaurant cooks with a brick oven! Thanks to the heat-retaining properties of brick, these ovens get hot and maintain that heat. Best of all, they can be fueled by any sort of wood that is not chemical-treated, including scrap wood of all sorts. Brick ovens are a climate-friendly option.

Experience and Monitoring A Brick Oven

If brick ovens are so great, why are they usually only at restaurants in NJ? Do people have them at home? Because of the size and heat produced by a brick oven, these are almost always outdoor elements, and few people have a full outdoor kitchen set up at home. Even more, you need some experience to monitor and use a brick oven safely. High temperatures result in quick and dangerous burns, meaning that brick ovens are usually reserved for the professionals. Besides, do you have room for a giant brick appliance at home?

For the best brick oven prepared foods and pizza in NJ, visit Iachetti’s American Brick Oven Kitchen in Glen Rock today!

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