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Who Wants To Cook For A Summer Wedding? Hire A Private Chef and Catering!

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Who Wants To Cook For A Summer Wedding? Hire A Private Chef and Catering!

July 13, 2023 , POSTED BY Iachetti's Kitchen
Are you lucky enough to be planning a summer wedding? Why not really show off your style and hire a private chef and catering for the wedding? We all know that nobody wants to spend all day cooking in the summer, especially when they have a wedding to get ready for. Keep reading to see what catering services might be right for you! Hire NJ’s Best Caterers for Your Bridal Shower Even before you get married, your bridal shower guests might want a little taste—of the refreshments! When you book your bridal shower, make sure to have plenty of good food lined up from your favorite caterer n New Jersey. Iachetti’s catering menu makes it so easy to order food for a group! Order Snacks To-Go For Your Bachelor Party For a less formal setting, takeout meals and snacks are the way to go. If your bachelor or bachelorette party isn’t going to be at a restaurant or bar, your guests will probably be seeking out some snacks. Bring the best to your party with easy takeout options from our Italian restaurant! From wings to sliders, snack platters and party trays, we make the pre-wedding plans even easier. Bring a Private Chef from NJ’s Best Italian Restaurant To Your Big Day! Takeout and simple catering are great for everyday events, but what should you do to make an impression for the big day? Some couples in New Jersey hire a private chef from their favorite restaurant—and food along with! That’s right, you can bring a private chef right to your wedding party or reception. We’ll work with you to plan the specifics, entrees, sides, and salads, and can even cook on-site, depending on what you order. Our team of restaurant staff, cooks, and chef is ready to make your big day a delicious delight for everyone. For food at your wedding, call Iachetti’s Brick Oven Kitchen in Glen Rock.

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