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How a Brick Oven Makes Your Food Taste Better

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How a Brick Oven Makes Your Food Taste Better

September 15, 2019 , POSTED BY Iachetti's Kitchen

When the owners of Iachetti’s Kitchen considered opening in Glen Rock, one of the questions that they considered was “what kind of equipment do we want to use?” While many modern restaurants have state-of-the-art kitchen technology with custom digital devices, the owners at Iachetti’s are joining in the old-school revolution that has served for centuries and is seeing more attention these days—the brick oven! Powered by wood and a carefully enclosed space, this classic kitchen “appliance” has been producing delightful foods across the world since before the invention of electricity, and for good reason! Read on to find out how a brick oven makes your food taste better!

Hotter Temperature
Heat is key to cooking, and brick ovens are particularly great at holding this heat as they absorb the heat into the walls, ceiling, and floor, trapping it and raising the temperature while not wasting as much heat as many modern styles of appliances. Even better, this absorption ensures even cooking without the need for additional fans or convection. For foods like our featured flatbreads, a hot, quick cook is a must for a crispy crust, even heat, and perfectly prepared toppings.

Savory Delights
Due to the natural wood used as a fire source, foods cooked in a brick oven will be slightly smoky, with deep, complex flavors that a standard electric or gas stove could never accomplish! This doesn’t just add another layer to your favorite margarita flatbread, but gives roasted chicken, turkey, and more an extra boost of savory delight. Concerned about an increased risk of cancer-causing substances like are found in BBQ grills? Since your food is cooked indirectly (next to the heat, not on top of it) and does not usually cook as long, your brick oven meals are less likely to have these components in them.

Speedy Preparation
In a standard oven, you often have to wait for a while for your food to finish cooking. For restaurants, this means that food is often prepared and cooked in advanced, then lightly reheated. For the most part, thanks to our brick oven, we are able to prepare foods quickly and easily, right when you order them! This means you can customize your meal without having to wait forever at the dining table. Some of our meals, like our Tuesday Turkey Day special, are slow-cooked in our brick oven, maintaining the moisture of the meat while keeping it at a toasty, stable temperature.
For some of the best flatbread for dine-in or takeout in Glen Rock, or any of our other delightful brick oven meals, stop by Iachetti’s kitchen! We’re open until 10 p.m. most nights, 9 p.m. on Sundays. We hope to see you soon!


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