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Spring Weddings Are Better With Professional Catering in NJ

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Spring Weddings Are Better With Professional Catering in NJ

May 14, 2022 , POSTED BY Iachetti's Kitchen

Weddings are back in New Jersey! Professional caterers and restaurant owners are already seeing a huge increase in reservations compared to the past two years as couples return to big celebrations. And is there any time more perfect than Spring to celebrate your new life together? When the blossoms bloom in New Jersey, the best restaurants start preparing for a busy season. Keep reading to see how Iachetti’s Kitchen can make your special day even better.

Iachetti’s Caters Weddings in NJ

Unless you come from a family of cooks like the owner of Iachetti’s Kitchen, you’re probably going to want catering for your wedding. Everyone who matters will be so busy doing other things that cooking and serving food is the last thing you want to do! Even more, you want your special day to be special. This isn’t a day to get a pizza delivered or fill up on cereal—you want a meal to match your event! When you hire catering from Iachetti’s, we bring our best meals for a crowd.

Host a Private Dinner At Your Favorite Restaurant

Having a smaller wedding? Not everyone wants to invite the whole world, and for smaller weddings, a private dinner may make more sense than catering. Most of the best restaurants in New Jersey have private rooms available for rental or reservation, giving you and your guests a dedicated place to dine in style. Best part? We handle the setup and cleanup! Maids of honor—rejoice!

Take Out Saves The Day For Rehearsals and Showers

Your big day isn’t the only day you’ll need a good meal. Wedding rehearsals, bridal showers, and bachelor/bachelorette parties are all more fun with food! If you’re trying to keep things low-key, these preparatory events may be held at your home or at many of the natural spaces here in Glen Rock. Take out food from your favorite restaurant can be a great way to feed everyone without the stress.

No matter what food you need when planning your wedding, New Jersey’s best restaurants can help you prepare. Contact Iachetti’s today to start planning your wedding catering!

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