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The Best Caterers in NJ Are Scheduling for Labor Day Weekend Now

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The Best Caterers in NJ Are Scheduling for Labor Day Weekend Now

August 06, 2022 , POSTED BY Iachetti's Kitchen

Are you planning to hire catering for Labor Day weekend? While this holiday was traditionally filled with backyard BBQs and grilling, many people today are opting to enjoy their own Labor Day parties instead of doing all the work. If you want to bring some of the best food in New Jersey to your Labor Day party, or even hire a BBQ chef to get those perfect grill marks on site, book now! Here are some fun catering ideas for labor day weekend!

Catering From NJ’s Best Restaurants

Takes the Labor Out Of Labor Day

Labor Day is a traditional day to rest and recover—unlike its name might suggest, it is a day where we generally avoid labor! But if you plan a Labor Day weekend party for your family and friends, someone has to do the cooking. And the food prep. And the cleanup! That sounds like a whole lot of work. Instead, why not hire catering from your favorite restaurant in Glen Rock? Whether you order hot foods to feed your guests, side dishes to compliment Uncle Dave’s grilling expertise, or snack platters to keep everyone going all day, catering can make your event easy and relaxing.

Office Labor Day Parties Improve Morale

Hopefully your employees aren’t working Labor Day, but what about a fun sendoff for Labor Day weekend? Today’s employees are taking a hit on morale, and an office lunch can help everyone to decompress and relax. As the boss, you know that very little is going to get done on that last Thursday or Friday before Labor Day anyway, so why not commit to low-key and cater a meal for your team? Compared to the cost of hiring new employees, a catered lunch is a drop in the bucket!

Bring a Grill Chef to Your Next Party

Do you want the ultimate Labor Day party, with custom-grilled meats, hand-prepared foods, and an expert BBQ chef onsite? The best restaurants and catering companies in NJ make it happen! In fact, when you hire on-site catering and chef services through Iachetti’s, we can even bring the whole grill! Don’t just hire catering—hire yourself a whole barbeque!

Don’t deny that the end of summer is approaching. Start planning now and reserve your catering orders at Iachetti’s Brick Oven in Glen Rock and enjoy an easy, delicious Labor Day Weekend!

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