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These Light Entrees From Your Favorite NJ Restaurant are Perfect for Spring

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These Light Entrees From Your Favorite NJ Restaurant are Perfect for Spring

May 06, 2022 , POSTED BY Iachetti's Kitchen

Spring has sprung! The best restaurants in New Jersey are taking advantage by tweaking our menus to reflect fresh, spring offerings, and many of our customers are seeking lighter fare as well. Move over comfort food, it’s time for something light from your favorite restaurant in Glen Rock!

NJ’s Best Restaurants Offering Brunch

Brunch is naturally light; after all, it condenses breakfast and lunch into one meal! Questionable math aside, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a light, healthier lunch when you dine at Iachetti’s Kitchen. Start your meal with a vegetable-based soup or seasonal assortment of fruit and yogurt, and you’ll fill up faster. Try a veggie-forward omelet with tomato, mozzarella, and spinach, or enjoy a big plate of Halloumi cheese and greens. A big glass of water or unsweetened ice tea keeps your whole meal light!

Lighter Dinner Entrees in Glen Rock

When dining out at your favorite Glen Rock Restaurant, you can choose lighter, healthier meal options without sacrificing flavor. For example, our Seared Faroe Island Salmon is loaded with lean protein and served with three-grain organic pilaf, helping you get your grains in. Our salads are big enough to have leftovers, or try some “very veggie and brie” crostini for a lighter appetizer. Don’t forget a healthier side, like sautéed greens or wild mushrooms.

Take it Home!

Looking for a lighter meal for the family? Take out a family meal from your favorite restaurant, and enjoy a mixed green salad, eggplant parmigiana, spring vegetable terrine, or cauliflower crusted red snapper for the whole family. Sides and desserts are based on daily availability, but make sure to let your server know if you would like a vegan or vegetarian dish to keep things a little lighter.

Are you ready for a light start to spring? Visit Iachetti’s Kitchen or stop by our website to place an online order today!

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