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This is Why You Should Eat Dinner With Your Family Tonight

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This is Why You Should Eat Dinner With Your Family Tonight

October 15, 2021 , POSTED BY Iachetti's Kitchen

Does your family eat dinner together most nights? Many years ago, dinner was a staple of family, whether that family cooked at home or dined out at their favorite restaurant in NJ. In today’s world, schedules are more hectic, there are a variety of delivery and take out options available, and many people admit to having fewer meals with their loved ones. What a shame! At Iachetti’s Restaurant in Rock Glen, we know the value of bringing people together for a great meal. See how eating with your family helps to bring you closer and more!

Dine In To Practice Table Manners

Many people with children wonder if they will really be welcome in a restaurant, especially an upscale restaurant in NJ. After all, kids are known to be noisy, messy, and bore quickly. At Iachetti’s we think this is all the more reason to bring the whole family out for a restaurant meal! Your children will learn proper table manners faster in a different setting, and sometimes the treat of being at a “grown up” restaurant (as in, a place without a ball pit!) is enough to motivate them to be on their best behavior. For the best success, choose an earlier dinner hour, when the kids are fresh and the late-night adult crowd has yet to show up, and order a starter—waiting for delicious food to arrive can be a challenge! Make sure to share expectations with the little ones before a meal, and have a backup plan—our staff can easily box up your food to go if someone has a major meltdown.

Carry Out For An Easy Dinner

Speaking of boxing up the delicious offerings from Iachetti’s, you may also be interested in a carry-out meal to enjoy with family at home. This is a great way to reduce pandemic concerns, or to have a flexible meal for family members who can’t handle all the sitting and waiting. Our takeout menu is perfect for a family meal for 4, and is available for curbside pickup. Start with baked bread, onion fritters or a pasta side, and green salad, and choose from delicious main dishes like eggplant parm, sole Milanese, Nashville fried chicken, smoked pork and braised short rib slides, as well as sides and dessert!

Wherever you dine tonight, make it a family affair! Visit Iachetti’s today or order a family pickup meal.

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