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Back To School Season is Easier at Your Favorite Italian Restaurant

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Back To School Season is Easier at Your Favorite Italian Restaurant

September 05, 2023 , POSTED BY Iachetti's Kitchen
Is it back to school season already? Your favorite Italian Restaurant in Glen Rock is gearing up and getting ready for another exciting year. How can you make the back-to-school season easier? With a delicious meal, of course! Keep reading to how Iachetti’s Brick Oven Kitchen is here for you! Visit Your Favorite Italian Restaurant As A Reward Being a kid sure isn’t easy these days. But it’s easy to give them a reward they’ll love—why not take them to their favorite Italian restaurant as a reward? This could be a reward for a good grade, a good week, or even a good day. Most kids (and adults) love Italian food, whether that translates to pasta, Granny Flo’s parmesan crusted rice balls, or any other of our mouthwatering entrées. Remember, it’s not all about the food—your kids love spending time with you. Busy Family Events are Easier with Catering Does this fall include some family events? From late family reunions to festive football season gatherings, you definitely don’t have time to cook this fall. Instead, why not order catering from your favorite restaurant? Glen Rock has plenty of options, but if you have big eaters with big appetites, we strongly recommend our hearty, family-style catering options. Skip Fast Food and Order Takeout from Your Local Italian Restaurant Remember summer, when things were calm? Now you’re raking leaves again, scheduling parent-teacher conferences, doing the fall maintenance on your car, decorating for Halloween… when do you have time to feed your family? Don’t get sucked into the fast food trap of unhealthy, unfilling foods—find a real meal on a fast-food schedule when you order takeout from your local Italian restaurant. Let the team at Iachetti’s take some work off your shoulders this fall and visit us for dine-in, takeout, or to cater your next event!

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