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Try These Tips From Your Favorite Restaurant in NJ For Your Holiday Celebrations

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Try These Tips From Your Favorite Restaurant in NJ For Your Holiday Celebrations

December 15, 2021 , POSTED BY Iachetti's Kitchen

If you’re planning a big holiday celebration this year, you’re not alone. Many families hope to visit their favorite restaurant in NJ, travel to visit relatives, or host loved ones in their homes for a party that covers 2020 and 2021! If you’re overwhelmed by this task, keep these tips from your favorite NJ restaurant in mind!

Have a Varied Menu

One of the best tips that the staff of our restaurant in NJ would suggest is to have a varied, interesting menu. When you include something vegetarian, something gluten-free, something full of meat, something sweet, and something kid-friendly, you’re welcoming everyone to your table. Unlike the best restaurants in NJ, you probably don’t have a fully-stocked, walk-in refrigerator and freezer, but planning a few varied dishes in advance gives you a head-start.

Ask Guests To Bring A Dish

Really want variety? Ask your guests to bring a dish to pass at your next celebration. At Iachetti’s restaurant in Glen Rock, NJ, we offer BYOB beverage services, which lets us see all the amazing combinations and beverages our guests bring! If you want to take some work off of yourself while making an amazing party, crowdsource it to your guests!

Let the Professionals Handle It

If you know that you and your guests can only come up with a varied meal of boxed snacks, chips, and sodas, you may want to let the professionals handle your next holiday celebration. Fortunately, many of the best restaurants in New Jersey are offering catering for the holiday season, making it easier than ever for you to throw a dazzling holiday party without the work.

Ready to throw your next holiday party? Keep these tips in mind, and if the cooking gets to be too much, don’t hesitate to call the team at Iachetti’s Restaurant in Glen Rock for help!

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