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What Kinds of Breakfast and Brunch Foods Do the Best Italian Restaurants in NJ Serve?

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What Kinds of Breakfast and Brunch Foods Do the Best Italian Restaurants in NJ Serve?

October 16, 2023 , POSTED BY Iachetti's Kitchen

When you visit an Italian restaurant in New Jersey, you know what to expect even if you’ve never been there before. You know there will be pastas, tender seasoned meat, hopefully some arancini, possibly breadsticks, plenty of fresh salads and soups. But what do Italian restaurants serve for breakfast and brunch? Keep reading to see what we serve at our Italian restaurant in Glen Rock.

Start Your Day With Brunch At An Italian Restaurant

For starters… order a starter! If you adore soup, brunch is the perfect time to visit our Italian restaurant, because we have our classics like pasta e fagioli and French onion soup, plus a rotating soup of the day. If you’re more on the breakfast side, why not try some avocado toast, topped with two scrambled eggs, sun-dried tomato pesto, and lemon oil. Don’t forget to bring a beverage—our Italian restaurant is BYOB.

These Italian Food Sides Work Perfectly At Any Time Of Day

What sorts of sides show up on NJ’s Italian brunch menu? We couldn’t imagine brunch without bacon, sausage, and breakfast potatoes! We also keep the carbs coming with delicious latkes or sweet potato fries. As far as we’re concerned, these Italian food sides work at any time of the day!

Go Big With Brunch Items With Italian Cuisine

For a main course at brunch at NJ’s best Italian restaurants, you can lean into breakfast, lean into lunch, or find something in-between. For the sweet-lovers out there, you have to try our Nutella-stuffed French toast! It’s as delicious as it sounds. Or, go a little lighter with buttermilk chicken and waffles, or try our poached eggs with hollandaise sauce. If you’re feeling more savory, why not try our Cajun chicken hash skillet with chipotle aioli, or our Bourbon blackened chicken plate? We have so many options, the whole family will be thrilled to visit our Italian restaurant in Glen Rock!
Brunch is such a delightful option, and besides, what else are you doing on a lazy weekend morning? Stop by Iachetti’s Kitchen today to try our brunch menu!

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