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What’s So Special About A Brick Oven at Your Favorite Restaurant?

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What’s So Special About A Brick Oven at Your Favorite Restaurant?

August 16, 2021 , POSTED BY Iachetti's Kitchen

Since humans first figured out how to harness fire, we’ve been using it to cook delicious food in our homes, social organizations, and restaurants in New Jersey. Whether you bake, boil, broil, grill, or roast, you have plenty of options to cook your food. If you visit an upscale Italian restaurant near you, you may be pleased to find out that they use a brick oven. If you’ve eaten food cooked in a brick oven, you know how good it is—if not, keep reading to see what they are and why they are so special!

What is a Brick Oven?

A brick oven is old technology that has regained popularity in recent years, as the best chefs in Glen Rock know just how well these ovens cook. Because the ovens are built with brick, a natural material that can withstand high heat and retain this heat, a brick oven allows food to be cooked hotter and faster! For things like pizza, this is what creates a crispy crust that is soft and perfect on the inside.

Do You Use a Brick Oven to Cook Food Other Than Pizza?

Brick ovens and pizza go hand in hand, and some of the best pizza restaurants in NJ are investing in brick ovens. But you can use a brick oven to cook so many other kinds of food! In fact, pretty much anything that you choose to cook in a standard oven can be cooked in a brick oven, including roasted meats and vegetables, desserts, and so much more!

Does Brick Oven Food Taste Better?

If you love a deep, smoky flavor, you’ll love food cooked in a brick oven! While bricks hold the heat in these wonderful appliances, the heat comes indirectly from natural wood. This adds another layer of flavor to your favorite dishes, putting a twist on your favorite foods that a gas or electric oven just can’t match!

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