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This is Why Food Tastes Better From a Wood-Fired, Brick Oven Kitchen in Glen Rock

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This is Why Food Tastes Better From a Wood-Fired, Brick Oven Kitchen in Glen Rock

March 16, 2023 , POSTED BY Iachetti's Kitchen
If you’ve eaten food made from a wood-fired, brick oven kitchen like Iachetti’s in Glen Rock, you know there’s something different about the way the food tastes. Whether you visit our restaurant for brick-oven pizza or anything else, you can count on that delicious flavor. What makes our flavors so vibrant? The secret’s in the cooking! High Temperatures Bring Out High Flavor in a Brick Oven Can’t stand the heat? Then stay away from the brick oven—these cooking devices get really, really hot! In fact, a brick oven is one of the only ways to cook certain foods, such as classic pizza, because of how hot the food must get in a short period of time. Only a brick oven can really capture the necessary burst of heat that locks in and develops the best flavors. Our daily specials can be cooked quickly, with delicious flavor and texture, thanks to our brick oven. That Smoky Taste of Sustainable Wood Fire One of the first things visitors to Iachetti’s Brick Oven Kitchen notice when they come near our restaurant in Glen Rock is that smoky, woodsy smell. A wood-fired oven doesn’t just get hot; it captures some of the aromas and flavor profiles of the wood, adding a little extra flavor to your already existing meal! Best of all, wood is a sustainable method of cooking as it requires very little processing, and keeps environmental contaminants to a minimum. Enjoy food like your ancestors probably ate it—cooked with wood from the local environment. Why Locally Sourced Ingredients Matter More In A Brick Oven Does everything that goes into a brick oven come out tasting delicious? Most do, but just like anything, it’s important to make sure that the ingredients are local and farm fresh when possible, and cooked up in a homestyle manner no matter what! While the 4-season climate in NJ prevents us from using locally-sourced produce year-round, we work hard to stay local when things are in season, and to source ingredients from sustainable sources no matter what time of year it is. The best ingredients are even more important in a brick oven, because the flavors are intensified—so they have to be the best! Is your mouth starting to water just from thinking of our brick-oven pizza, with crispy edges, melty cheese, and plenty of toppings cooked to perfection? For the best homestyle food in Glen Rock, visit Iachetti’s Kitchen.

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